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Aisha is an Actor, Playwright, and Director. They have been acting since they were 17 and have appeared in multiple community and professional productions. They began writing  for the stage at 18.  Favorite credits include "Yerma" (Shotgun Players), "Lydia" (Napa Valley College), "This Blessed Plot" (NapaShakes) and "Dead Man's Cellphone" (Upstage Napa Valley). They Directed their original play "Es Una Vida Maravillosa" for its world premiere with Shakespeare Napa Valley in 2023. 

Aisha Rivera is a California based Artist, Poet, and Theatre Artist. 

They hold a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Theatre Arts from California State University Fullerton. They are a self taught artist specializing in digital and traditional illustration & painting. They are a Theatre artist with experience in Acting, Directing, and Playwriting. They also write poignant poetry

Aisha is an eclectic artist who strives to create art that is interesting, moving, and meaningful for our current times. 

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